In SEGLAN, we’ve been providing new products and services with the capacity to manage
those in environments with high levels
of availability of service

Payment Methods

SEGLAN have been working for almost 20 years on the development of products, services and solutions for payment methods targeted to environments both on-site and off-site, according to the industries’ standard in an innovation environment

EMV environments, HCE, 3D Secure with PCI-DSS certifications, PCI-3DS. With all of this we are now among the few international suppliers certified by EMVco, VISA, MasterCard, Amex, Discover and JCB, being able to offer products and services globally, as a Service Provider and actively working on the definition and operation of out of the box platforms such as HalCash, for sending cash to mobile phones.

We’ve also worked closely with Mobipay in the development and operation of micropayment operator platform (CEAM), system that allowed Movistar, Vodafone and Amena to do micropayments and purchases on USSD, WAP and the internet.

But our innovation is not going to stop soon, and we’ve been the first international supplier to obtain both a PCI-DSS and PCI-3DS accreditation on our Cloud platform so we can offer you a better and a more resourceful response to all our clients, regardless of whether they operate on Latam, Europe, Asia or globally.

We’re rooting for our very innovative payment service platform, Spayn, in which we put together all of our best, combining 3D Secure, tokenization, QR and PIN on Glass and operating globally on Latam and Europe


Spayn is only the first of all the payment services initiatives SEGLAN will launch progressively to the global market, and with which we expect to offer everything the
market is asking or will ask for soon.


Since 2006, SEGLAN has been working closely with the CRTM (Madrid’s Regional Transport Consortium) in the implementation of CRTM’s project BIT. This project has deployed a ticketing system bases on NXP’s Desfire tech, of which we are the company with the highest number of technical accreditations by CRTM.

Nowadays, SEGLAN offers its new Ticketing 4.0 platform on the market, that, surpassing proprietary technologies designed for smartcards, is capable of operating on Android and iOS user contactless devices, giving greater usability and universality with minimal impact on the current network of each operator while keeping the capacity to manage EMVco payments natively.

SEGLAN was also a pioneer in offering the virtualization of tickets on HCE
apps for Android phones in its ticketing platforms.

Digital Coupons

Digital coupons are turning to be a very necessary marketing tool for providers and marketers of products and services, since standing out from the competition and customer loyalty are key to growing in our current competitive market

A real motivator for Intenet purchases, the digital coupon is increasingly use through mobile support. That’s why in SEGLAN, we’ve been developing this much needed technology for years, to make its implementation in the market a reality.

We have developed dCoupon and mCoupon, platforms for managing
digital coupons and loyalty programs.